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Welcome to the Matrix website

MATRIX is a glaze storage system and formula calculation package with unique features and graphics not to be found in other glaze applications available at present. It is one of the most advanced and comprehensive glaze software packages available today.

What Matrix will do for you:

  • Assist you to solve problems such as crazing, bloating, excessive running, pin-holing etc.
  • Substitute unavailable materials while maintaining the same maturing temperature and qualities.
  • Adjust the maturing temperature or shift a glaze from one texture to another.
  • Create new glazes using your own locally available materials.
  • Generate line, triaxial & quadraxial blends with a few mouse clicks.
  • Store glazes and glaze images with search functions.

This site also includes information and resources for those involved with ceramics in either an educational or productive capacity.

A recent addition to our resources is a course of instruction for those wishing to learn about glaze formulation. This course is fully tutored and covers 30 comprehensive lessons. After completing this course you will have learned about the chemistry of glazes and will be able to manipulate your own glazes using Matrix software (supplied free when you enrol).

Matrix software is now used throughout the world by educational institutions, studio potters and industrial ceramists.

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Matrix V6

Matrix software is now used throughout the world
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On-line Glaze Course

The course of 30 self-paced lessons includes tutorials in the use of Matrix and features free 24/7 email access to the course tutor and Matrix author Lawrence Ewing.

Check out the on-line glaze course - costs and content.

Matrix V6

You may now purchase individual copies of this popular educational software.

Glaze Course
Learn about glaze.
An on-line tutored glaze course for studio potters is now available.
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