Nicki's Blue Celedon on Matrix Limits Graphs

Matrix uses a number of different types of limits graphs.

The graphs on this page show the unity formula for Nicki's Blue Celedon registered as yellow rectangles on the limits graphs set for C.12


Limits Graph C.12

This graph reveals that the flux oxides for Nicki's Blue Celedon fall within the range suggested by the limits for C.12.

The Al2O3 and SiO2 oxides are shown to be on the low side for this temperature particularly the alumina content.



Al2O3 & SiO2 Limits C.12

This graph focuses only on the Al2O3 and the SiO2 content of the glaze being studied.

While the SiO2 value for Nicki's Blue Celedon is just below the recommended limit, the Al2O3 content is well down.


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